domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

redactar un parrafo de 10 lineas hacerca de lo que hiciste en tus vacaciones pasadas en ingles

went on vacation to the beach but to be tasting a lot of pets or animals (a parrot, four dogs, seven turtles, a rabbit, nine hens and three roosters) travel I felt a bit tricky because if you wanted we were planning to go all around, first spoke with a friend to look after the pet after we buy enough food or animal feed, end clothing and food that we were going to take us to go to the beach preparing everything for a full day then you did get up at four in the morning and ready to go to the beach, we arrived early and we took a taxi after seeing come to the bus station take the bus to the bus Ocumare tasting had air conditioning was a long trip and I even fall asleep, we reached the beach and the first thing we did was look for a kiosk to eat some good empanadas in quiosquito always eat there, then enjoyed the beach for hours just to eat because we had as hungry after the half past four arranged to return after we boarded the bus and came home very tired from the trip.

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